Abandoned Mansion-

• ‘Insanely huge 122-room mansion finished in 1876. Family home until 1929 and went on to be a boy’s school, a health spa and then a military hospital. In 1946 it became a hotel. The property has seen seven different owners since 1999, all of whom said they would turn it into a hotel. It […]

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Solo Camping

Id wake up in a tent everyday in a different location, whether that would be a mountain top, cave, waterfall. The views that unzibbing your tent can give you is unreal. 

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The Serpents Shadow

Stunning mansion located in the United Kingdom. It had many neighbor’s unfoturnately suffering the same fate. I would have loved the cabin out back with a oven in the middle. Gorgeous house, glad I got to see it before it will loose it’s features with time and development. 

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WW2 Prisoner Of War Camp

After speaking with a friend, she told me about an old house that was amazing but what was even more amazing was what was located in their garden. Several bunkers scattered along land in United Kingdom. Sadly, our trip was unsucess with the house but never the less, with what we saw and comparing old […]

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Ireland – Wicklow

Have you ever seen the film ‘Bruce Almighty’? Where he’s getting click happy answering emails, thats exactly what happened here. I seen a friend years back post about a gory sculpture park and later on it came up again, I thought right im going. No matter what, I booked a flight right there and then […]

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