To the women, to your demons.

It’s daily I see the struggle, it’s weekly I see the progress and it’s yearly I witness the fight. So many woman around me are fighting so many different battles with so many different demons. Ebony, a young mum who’s so investive into her child’s life, desperate for that break she deserves whilst still never […]

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Roadtrip around Sweden

This was a spontaneous trip we took on a day we didnt really plan anything. We wasnt too far from the border and with us driving,  country hopping wasnt too far of a dream. We continued the road past the border, I got excited when we finally crossed. We didnt keep to main roads, we […]

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Roadtrip around Norway

To the sight of a dead moose draped across the back of a truck on a hunt for a glacier, To the most stunning views, old churches, peaks and weird money with holes in. We explored 997.5 miles in 3 days, we visited and climbed up Lillehammer where The 2016 Olympics took place, we walked […]

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Soliders Farmhouse

After a few visits, I finally seen inside this old solider’s farmhouse located off a country lane filled with plenty of the man’s history. I found pictures inside dating back to 1948, old gamp lights and sewing machines. Will update when more information found.

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